Influencer Marketing for Emerging Brands [webinar]

Trying to navigate the world of social media to grow your brand? Looking for ways to reach your target customer?

In this webinar, we discuss:
*Why as an emerging brand you should work with influencers
*What to consider when deciding on an influencer and how to make the most of these partnerships
*The impact you can expect from an influencer program
*Which networks to activate on and the latest features to utilize

Presented in partnership with Popular Pays,, and Alexandra Dawson. is a digital media company that connects leading brands with innovative startups to create native advertising that’s authentic and impactful.

Popular Pays is a platform that connects social media creators with brands to create inspired, honest content.

Alexandra Dawson is a Washington, DC based nutritionist, wellness expert, mama bird, and the writer and photographer behind celebrated lifestyle website and Instagram @TallulahAlexandra. Using her platform to create and curate whole-body wellness content and advocate for plant based, unprocessed nutrition, balanced living, and the magic found in a communal table, you can find her at one of her The Wandering gatherings, in constant motion, and with a black coffee in hand.

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