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Rory is a founder and COO of CircleUp. He has supported entrepreneurs nearly all his career, most recently as Director of Investments at Humanity United, part of the Omidyar family enterprises. At Humanity United, he invested in small businesses and social enterprises to stimulate job creation and promote stability in fragile economies. He began his career at a startup providing financial training to small businesses in Cape Town, South Africa.

The Theme at Milken Global Conference: Be Skeptical, Be Vigilant

It’s not often that President George W. Bush, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and the CEO of NASDAQ all speak on the same stage at a conference. The Milken Institute’s Global Conference is a unique environment, with a broad cross section of technologists, economists and financial leaders. Sitting on a fintech panel this year, I saw asset managers ...

When Raising Capital Online, The Gender Gap is Shrinking

One of the best-documented phenomena in the financial world is the “gender gap” — especially when it comes to raising capital for a small business or startup. Historically, women have been much less successful than men at securing investors for their businesses, whether from a bank or venture capital firm. While women own nearly a ...