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Founded in 2009, CircleUp is a privately owned company on a mission to empower entrepreneurs with the funding and support that they need to thrive. Having facilitated investments for 500+ brands and counting, CircleUp uses their business technology platform, Helio, to increase the speed, quality, and objectivity of decision making in the private company landscape. Using a unique combination of data and machine learning technology, CircleUp makes it possible for underserved entrepreneurs to finally get the support they deserve. With a vast network of entrepreneurs, institutional investors, industry experts, and flexible financing solutions, CircleUp is shining a light on untapped human potential and transforming the world of private enterprise. For more information please visit:


Nielsen Data for Emerging Brands [webinar]

What if you had detailed information about your category and the products in it so that you could successfully position your brand to grow? In this webinar, we discuss the importance of data as you grow your brand. With market and product-related syndicated data you will better understand the market, your competition and answer key questions, ...

What Big CPG Saw in Siggi’s Icelandic Yogurt

Today it was announced that French dairy giant Lactalis is acquiring Siggi’s Icelandic Yogurt for an undisclosed amount. The industry has been anticipating this acquisition for a while. In August of 2017, Siggi’s was highlighted as one of the consumer industry’s most innovative brands, and the company hasn’t slowed since. On the heels of the ...

Why Nadamoo Chose CircleUp Credit

Finding a lending provider that truly understood the CPG industry made all the difference. Austin, Texas-based NadaMoo has been making organic dairy-free coconut milk ice cream since it was founded in 2004. When the company recently found itself needing more working capital to support its growth, it decided to pursue a line of credit while ...

An Introduction to Helio for Brands [webinar]

CircleUp’s Senior Data Scientist, Eric Taylor, and Research Manager, Will Dowling, discuss early insights and applications of Helio, CircleUp’s machine learning platform, to help early stage consumer brands grow their businesses. In this webinar, we discuss: *What Helio is and why CircleUp built it *How Helio works and examples of it in action *Why Helio and data ...

Is Plant-Based the New Gluten-Free?

Shakespeare first memorialized the question “What’s in a name?” when he wrote Romeo and Juliet in 1594.  Over four-hundred years later and consumers today are asking themselves the related question of “What’s in a product?”  These consumers are thinking less about love with their question and more about health.  Consumers are starting to ask more ...

What Wins in the Beverage Sector

In an increasingly competitive environment, what makes a beverage brand win?

Forget Designer. In Fashion, Fresh and Modern Win the Branding Game

When most of us think about fashion, the brands that come to mind are often the designer or premium ones: the Ralph Laurens or Louboutins of the world.  And while some companies in this space certainly have prominent images, the real leaders in today’s fashion branding game may come as a surprise.   Using our ...

Why I Joined CircleUp

Simply put, I wanted to be part of something that nobody else has done before.

The (Sometimes Surprising) Ingredients Linked To Food Product Success

Using Helio, we performed analyses across a variety of food and beverage brands to see which individual ingredients may ultimately be to linked to a product’s popularity.