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Is Plant-Based the New Gluten-Free?

Shakespeare first memorialized the question “What’s in a name?” when he wrote Romeo and Juliet in 1594.  Over four-hundred years later and consumers today are asking themselves the related question of “What’s in a product?”  These consumers are thinking less about love with their question and more about health.  Consumers are starting to ask more ...

Why Powerful Yogurt Chose CircleUp Credit

For Powerful Yogurt, opening a credit line wasn’t an alternative to an equity funding strategy, but a complement to it.

What Wins in the Beverage Sector

In an increasingly competitive environment, what makes a beverage brand win?

Influencer Marketing for Emerging Brands [webinar]

Trying to navigate the world of social media to grow your brand? Looking for ways to reach your target customer? In this webinar, we discuss: *Why as an emerging brand you should work with influencers *What to consider when deciding on an influencer and how to make the most of these partnerships *The impact you ...